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Mari Winarve called us last week and asked if we wanted to appear on her radio show to talk about games, game development and our education. Out staff consists of mostly unpleasant trolls, so we did what we always do when presenting the education; sent our students. 😀

“Maris Cafe” is a radio talk show in a cafe format. Every Friday morning they invite a bunch of guest and some entertainers, sit them down for fika and let Mari walk around among the crowd, do interviews and try out new things. Over the past five years or so Mari has been driving forest machines, fired rifles, tried line dancing etc. etc. Today, she wanted to know more about games.

We sent her 15 of our people, and they did really, really well.

My favorite part is when Polgar get’s the predictable question about violence in games and their effect on players. He returns fire effortlessly; smacks them over the head with Gotland crime novels – the hugely popular genre of murder mystery being (over-) produced here. He simultaneously managed to present a sane game, a sensible and mature vision of game design and the craft of building games AND mentioned “Gotland Game Conference, June” twice. Well played, dear sir. Well played indeed.

Here’s some photos and information from today’s episode. And here’s the recorded stream: (swedish only)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Gotland Game Conference 2012 coverage

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Dealspwn: Sweden’s Hidden Gaming Powerhouse

All great games have to start somewhere, and Gotland University gives their students a truly great start. Nestled in a disarmingly picturesque Swedish island, this small yet breathtakingly innovative game design course grounds applicants in the theory, even the ethics, of how to create the next generation of games – but practically applies this knowledge from the get-go.

PowerGamer: Den ljusa framtiden

Högskolan på Gotland har sedan år 2001 utbildat och slussat ut Sveriges representanter i spelvärlden och dess forna elever hittar ni idag på DICE, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Lionhead och Massive.

Under tre, med möjlighet för fyra år så går eleverna under utbildningen GAME igenom alla de utmaningar som de efter sin examen att möta ute i den faktiska industrin och ställs inför precis samma motgångar, problem och eventuellt segrar som deras färdigutbildade kollegor tacklar varje dag.

Tillsammans så lyser lärarna och eleverna på GAME starkare än solen. Kontrasten som uppstår mellan Visbys tysta och lugna leverne och den sprudlande och levande miljön som huserar inne i Wisby Strand när GGC 2012 sparkats igång är chockerande.

SVT Östnytt

Riksutställningar visits Gotland GAME Conference

PowerGamer Video-montage

I en fet bonanza speciale har vi samlat några av de intryck som Joakim Sjöberg fick sig under sin vistelse på Gotland Game Conference 2012!

DN:se; Spelen är revolutionerande för vår utveckling

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Dagens Nyheter is on a roll, with two articles about Gotland University GAME in two days! 🙂 This time it was Professor Bachelder and Fia Andersson at GAME (or more properly; the School of Game Design, Technology and Learning Processes) who took the stage.

DN:se; Spelen är revolutionerande för vår utveckling; Många har fördomar om datorspel

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Two students – Maria and Marcus – were interviewed by Dagens Nyheter today. DN is the largest morning newspaper in the country – it’s in Swedish of course, but might work through google translate too. 🙂

Level 7: De vill bli nästa svenska spelunder

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Swedish gaming site Level 7 interviews Zeal Game Studio – talking about the company’s origin at the Gotland University, their development history and their current title Team Assault: Baptism of Fire.

[…] Startades under skoltiden
Fredrik Nilsson är ansvarig för Zeal Game Studios ekonomi och administration och likt majoriteten av de ungefär 20 anställda läste han spelutveckling på Gotlands högskola. Under Fredriks första år på skolan formades grunden till vad som sedan blev Zeal Game Studio. […]

De vill bli nästa svenska spelunder Secrets of Grindea

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Three of our students – Fred Ström, Teddy Sjöström and Vilya Svensson – earned some publicity (and a lot of praise) from their spare time project Secrets of Grindea. It got picked up last week from their devlog over at tigsource. Both and wrote about them. Here’s a quote from IndieGames:

Oh, hello there! What’s this? Old-school RPG aesthetics? Zelda-esque gameplay? A deeply complex character customization system with no level caps? Support for four player co-operative play? Say no more. Where do I sign up? Secrets of Grindea is an upcoming action-RPG with big promises, lush pixel art, an eye for detail and, all things taken into consideration, a surprisingly simple premise: became a famed Collector and acquire the most precious ‘rares’ in the kingdom.

It looks like Secrets of Grindea is being helmed by a three-man team consisting of Fred Strom, Teddy Sjostrom and Vilya Svensson, all of whom were once previously involved in Trashtalk, a Swedish development studio located in Gotland.

So Fred, Teddy and Vilya – keep up the good work! Early Gameplay Footage of Secrets of Grindea Secrets of Grindea, more like secrets of unlocking my heart
YouTube: Secrets of Grindea – Sight Seeing in Startington