Fighting Riot

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Fighting Riot is mashup between a fighting– and a rythm game. You’re awarded for style rather than gore – clean execution of kicks and punches racks up your style points, allowing you fire off your ultimate attacks. Blocking an ultimate works a lot like Stepmania and similar rythm games, where you have quickly tap the right buttons as indicated by the incomming projectile.

Jens Hedenskog
Annika Fogelgren
Emma Johansson
Kristoffer Södergren
Daniel “pikka” Andersson
Björn Semb


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Creator: Lukas Thuvesson

Blade Story

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Blade Story is a 2D platform adventure, much like the modern Mega Man and Metroid games. The trio behind Blade originally set out to produce a 3D animated short, but disaster struck just weeks prior to GGA (fire and electrics were involved…) – and Blade is thus an emergency fallback production.

Talk about panic-oriented programming. 🙂

Lukas Hägg
Johan Rundkvist
Ola Persson

Gotland Game Awards 2008

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GGA 2008 was 2 full days of exhibition, presentations and lectures by people like Jon Gibson from Tripwire and Peter Kullgard from Ascaron. The Swedish stand-up comedian and TV-personality Nour El-Refai hosted the award show, and then we all pigged out in a huge party over at GuteKällaren.

Everything was huge! We had to rent the newly constructed exhibition hall – Wisby Strand – just to fit all our student projects and the 27 jurors. You can download the full GGA 2008 jury list (pdf) and introduce yourself to what I’m sure to be some familiar names and faces.

The awards ceremony in it’s entirety, all photos and some of the jury presentations are available from the Gotland Game Award site.

Now check out this video from the exhibition, and some of the nice things said about the event during the award ceremony. 🙂

Insats Afrika

Insats Afrika is an arcade RTS game, developed in cooperation with The Red Cross.

Insats Afrika was awarded “Best Serious Game” at Gotland Game Awards 2008.

Producer: Rasmus Davidsson
Lead Art: Robin Flodin
Art: Emma Ströberg
Art och information: Ola Nilsson
Programming: Ted Lindström
Programming: Ted Löfgren


GameRider is a bike simulation game constructed in three weeks by a small group as a side project during a level design class at HGO’s GAME education. The engine used is Valve’s Source Engine and the level was built from scratch in Hammer, the Source Engine’s level editing tool.

In the months since its completion, it’s been on display at the Technical Museum, Stockholm’s Culture House, on Swedish Television, GGA (where it won the best serious game award) and just recently at the Almedal’s Week where it was on display for Sweden’s most important politicians.

GameRider was awarded “Best Serious Game” at Gotland Game Awards 2008.

Håkan Mattsson
Jona Marklund
Rickard Johansson
Don Geyer