Shopping Havoc

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Shopping Havoc is a shopping-cart racer, built by first year students for the Gotland Game Awards 2007.


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Imperator is a power simulator mod for Neverwinter Nights 2. It was created by second year students for GGA 2007.

Power Behind The Throne

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The Power Behind the Throne is a strategic family game. It takes place in a castle. In the castle there is a king, and that king has four advisors. But the king’s economy isn’t what it used to be, and he has now made the decision that within five years he’ll fire every advisor except for one. The players will take on the role as an advisor each, and try to get as much influence as possible before the five years have passed. The one that has the most influence over the king in the end is the one who gets to keep his job.


Fairytale is the game that combines a classic storybook mood and adventure game feeling with a new and fresh perspective on interactive products for children. Both young boys and girls today are used to computers and computer games and have much more adept communicative skills than most developers of children’s games seem to believe. Also, we think that a lot of games aimed at children, girls in particular, have a tendency to underestimate their target group.

Fairytale was awarded “The Library Award” and “Jade Project Award” at Gotland Game Awards 2008, and they won “Pwnage Award” at Gotland Game Awards 2007.

Producer: Annika Fogelgren
Designer/Programmer: Jens Hedenskog
Programmer: Björn Bergstrand
Lead Artist: Albertina Sparrhult
Pencil Artist: Pernilla Sparrhult
Graphics: Marie Viberg, Johansson
Writer: Arvid Jansson

Gotland Game Awards 2007

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The entirety of GGA 07 was fit into one glorious day; presentations, exhibit and price ceremony. You can download the full jury list here (pdf).

All photos are Ulf Benjaminsson, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


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Drinks is a bartender simulator for the Nintendo DS. Mix, shake and stir your way through the city nightlife – as you work your way from decrepit biker bars to ever fancier pubs and classy nightclubs.

Game Design: Marcus Ingvarsson
Programmers: Håkan Mattsson, Andreas Svensson, Jonas Rogert
Graphics: Jonatan Österberg, Povel Gulin, Monica Kreitz, Erik Ökvist
Sound: Johan Skoglund