Contingency combines the precision of Real Time Strategy with Action games with a squadbased gameplay set in the near future.
In the game, you take control of the squad leader of a guerrilla group fighting for their freedom against an oppressive force.

* Tactical Action Game: Contingency combines the fast-paced shooting of the Action genre while retaining the tactical advantages of the RTS genre. You control your main-character with Action-game controls and can give orders to your three squad members like an RTS-game.

* Guerrilla warfare: Use guerrilla tactics to combat military forces that greatly outnumber your own as you fight to take back your home!

* Realism: Each feature, model and gameplay-element is designed and made with realism in mind. Not just looks but also how each element would function in real life.
As such, very few elements have been abstracted, and that only due to making the game more enjoyable.

Developed using the following tools
Unity 3
Visual Studios 2010 Professional
Autodesk 3DS Max
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4

Jonas Lewis – Producer
Tove Jading – Lead Artist
Kakee Lau – Lead Animator
Youssef Khatib – Artist/Technician
Aydin Afzoud – Artist/Designer
Rasmus Löfling – Lead AI Programmer
Jonas Täng – Lead Programmer
Felix Thålin – Programmer/Web Master



The game is a League of legends/Heroes of Newerth/dota lookalike multiplayer online battle arena game but the comparison ends there, where LoL, HoN and DotA are using the typical lanes gameplay where you kill monsters or soldiers and destroy towers until you get to the enemy base we have totally ignored that idea and created something of our own, taking inspiration from Unreal Tournament, Battlefield, World of Warcraft.

Our philosophy with the game design is that if it sounds fun lets go with it, disregarding if it fits into the regular scope, the game has Borg lookalike chicks and Ogre’s, so the level is inspired from the Aztec or Inca civilisations while it has a lot of different mechanical stuff on it that comes from those who want the resources.

The Main objective of the game is to take over nodes, these nodes has been put on the planet to retrieve energy from the Abzolium the planet is built upon, on the GGC map there will be 3 nodes where the teams can take over the nodes closest directly but need to defend it because the nodes have to be connected all the way home in order to gain the resources.

You can also buy stuff in the game, but where other games sells you items and potions we have cool looking gatling gun towers that you can place to defend your nodes.

The game is made with the Unity 3D game engine with visual studio as a scripting tool.
The graphical assets were made concepted and textured by our artists in photoshop and materialised in 3d with 3ds max, animations were done also in 3ds max, other tools used: blender, gimp, zbrush, hansoft,

Joakim Edholm Lead Design
Pelle Boström Programmer
Elon Isidor Mallin Lead Programmer
Joakim Östlund Andersson Programmer/Producer
Syawash “Sayo” Sharafadin Programmer
David Klint 3D Artist
Mattias Engström 3D Artist
Elias Press 2D Artist
Maria Norkvist 2D Artist
Stina Rahm 2D Artist

Character Concept 1

Character Concept 2

Character Concept 3

Character Concept 4

Frost Tower

Spelföretagen – Gotlands spjutspetsindustri?

Meeting Gotland's Game Industry
Den snabba framväxten av Gotlandsbaserade spelföretag kan få stor betydelse för Gotlands framtid. Har högskolan lyckats med att utveckla en “hub” av entreprenörer kring spelutbildningen? Det kan förefalla så, men vad krävs för för att spelföretagen ska stanna kvar och utvecklas och därmed bidra till öns ekonomi?

– Stefan Person, Tillväxtenheten – Region Gotland
– Rickard Elgán, Högskolan på Gotland
– Max Tiilikainen, Meow Entertainment
– Phillipe Bolay, Out Of Bounds
– Robin Flodin, Zeal Studios
– Johan Zillén, Science Park Gotland

Moderator är Johannes Wadin – alumn från spelutbildningen med gedigen erfarenhet ifrån den internationella spelindustrin, och nu senast grundare av företaget Tapeduck.

English description:
Gotland – a chunk of Sweden separated from the mainland by some quantity of Baltic Sea – can be a fairly isolated base of operation. The game education bring competence and continuously produce promising student start ups that could have a tremendous impact on the future of the island. But how do we enable this talent to stay on the island after graduation?

We’ve invited some of the local game companies and other parties interested in an industrious Gotland to talk indie development, start ups and how we can make Gotland a game developers Mecca.

– Stefan Person, Tillväxtenheten – Region Gotland
– Rickard Elgán, Högskolan på Gotland
– Max Tiilikainen, Meow Entertainment
– Phillipe Bolay, Out Of Bounds
– Robin Flodin, Zeal Studios
– Johan Zillén, Science Park Gotland

Moderator is Johannes Wadin – former GAME-student with experience of the international game industry and founder of Tapeduck.

Adventure League

Join the Adventure League today, in our grand ambition to explore the entire world!
Adventure League at GGC 2011
Our brave Adventurers work day and night to seek out and explore every deep cave and ancient temple imaginable. The findings are reported back to our
Headquarters where everything is properly documented and indexed in our huge archives! But the far corners of the unexplored world are no safe places for our Adventurers! Many dangers lurk on the path to knowledge and enlightenment! Are you ready to step up to the task and carry our flag throughout the entire world as a proud Adventurer?

What is Adventure League?
Adventure League is a Four player game where you play the part of an employee in the League. Together with three friends you equip yourself with items that can help you explore the ruins of ancient civilisations. In these ruins you will encounter traps and puzzles that needs to be solved to adventure forth. But you can’t do it alone, many of the traps and puzzles needs the entire group to cooperate to be solved. So gather up a group of friends and head out for adventure!

Some of the programs we have used for the making of Adventure League are UDK, 3Ds Max and Photoshop.

Visit our website for more info

Adventure League Poster

Awards: Adventure League won the Pwnage Award at Gotland Game Conference 2011.

Marcus Petersson – Producer
Niklas Hallin – Artist
Alexander Lusth – Artist
John Friederich – Sound and technical
Per Lingvall – Technical
Johan Sköld – Programmer
Erika Andersson Porath – TBD
Alexander Karlsson – Music and programmer