Froskur is a team based multiplayer game. You will battle two versus two but the focus will not only be on controlling your characters while taking fast decisions. The deciding factor if your team succeds or fails is how well you communicate and work together.

The battle takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Celtic and Norse Mythology. A world where you will have to take the role either as royal bodyguards protecting the prince or rabid werefrogs.

The two teams will have different objectives and controls so that after switching teams you have to master a new skillset while communication is still the key.

Game Created in XNA.
Art – Photoshop.
Particle Effects – Mercury Particle Engine.

Teodor Granberg – Producer
Simon Nilsson – Lead programmer
Linus Nilsson – Lead Design
Martin Greip – Lead Art
Johan Törnlund – QA, Graphics and audio design.
Yossra El Said – Graphics
Kazuna Nakama – Music
Johanna Sahlstedt – Voice Acting

Fields of Glory (2011)

Fields of glory is a fast paced multiplayer action game that lets you assume the role of a champion in the latest blood sport sensation. Each match in the arena offers a deep and brutal melee combat experience based around dismembering your opponents. Outside of the arena you are able to fully customize your champion’s statistics and abilities with the use of advanced prosthetics.

Platform: PC
Development tools:
Microsoft Visual Studios 2010
Unreal Development Kit April Beta
Photoshop CS5
Flash CS5
3ds max 2012
Zbrush 4.0
Motion Builder 2011

Gustaf Stark – Producer
Markus Mattfolk Stenberg – Lead Designer
Nehmo Tapio – Lead Programmer
Mattias Niiranen – Senior Programmer
Daniel Eriksson – Technical QA

Gabriel Sammens – Lead Artist
Otto Westerlundh – Senior 3D
Johanna Sandhammar – Artist
Robin Lundin – Artist
Love Gunnarson – Artist
John Svetoft – Artist
Fredrik Larsson – Artist

Matthew Chastney – Sound designer

Fabula Silvana

Fabula Silvana is a single player 2D platform based puzzle game with cute graphic where you control the environment with your hand as the controller. Your mission is to help the Plebies, a small wood people who lives in the forest, through the forest and into safety. As your help you have the brilliant shaman who can build useful equipment which you need to help the Plebies cross through the forest.

Kim Aava (Producer, graphic)
Alexander Lövgren (Lead designer, graphic)
Adrian Wirén (Lead Art, graphic)
David Almkvist (Lead Mechanic, programmer)
Tim Mårtensson (Lead Programmer, programmer)
Tobias Kry (QA, graphic)

Dino Bikers

A classic arcade beat ’em up, in a world where evolution went topsy-turvy and dinosaurs evolved to build a civilization before man. Play as one of the dinosaur trio as they quest to take back their motorcycles from the thieving apes. Designed for co-operative gameplay, it’s best enjoyed with two friends in order to find and utilize all the combo attacks you can find. Programmed in C# and XNA Studio.

Karl Ljungberg – Producer
Filip Svensson – Lead Artist
Bjarne Lundqwist – Lead Programmer
Felicia Boman – Art Director
Rabi Afram – Senior Programmer
Hanna Ekström – Character Designer