GDC Trends | Breakfast meeting

Madeleiné Petersson reports from Game Camp Visby – an international event where several local teams brought home investment money and organized travel to the Game Developers Conference for publisher/investor events.

Science Park Gotland is organizing a breakfast meeting next week – Wednesday, April 10 at 8 AM – 9 AM – to meet all the local studios and student teams who came back from the Game Developers conference last week.

What’s the latest trends and insights from the game industry? Come have some breakfast and listen to some of the companies that took part of the Game Developers Conference’s exhibition, met investors and survived the Big Indie Pitch!

GDC Game Trends | Breakfast meeting · Hosted by Science Park Gotland

Time: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 8 AM – 9 AM


08:00 Breakfast served
08:15 Talk, trends and insights from Game Developers Conference
09:00 End of talk

Sign up on their Facebook event for breakfast! Note that the meeting is in english.

Update: added photos from meeting.

Back from alt.ctrl.GDC 2019

alt.ctrl.GDC is a unique showcase of alternative control schemes and interactions in games at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and for the second year in a row, three of our student teams were awarded a slot on the showfloor! (Coal Rush, Neon Nemesis and ReLeap. )

Gamasutra wrote about each game back in January when the 20 strong line-up was announced:

There wasn’t much video coverage this year, but Phillip Chu Joy took the time to walk the floor and record all 20 games, it’s in Spanish but provides some much needed overview of the crazy creativity being on display:

Coal Rush @ 11:10, Releap @ 12:32 and Coal Rush @ 15:15

RockPaperShotgun were there and wrote about their experiences: I got tied to a chair at Alt.Ctrl.GDC and it was wild. Tom’s Guide loved the nefarious multiplayer nature of Neon Nemesis, as documented in their write-up: Haunted Couches, Escape Rooms and Guitar Combat: The Weirdest Games of GDC. Arcade Heroes seemed to really see the potential in Neon Nemesis. Finally, CNN wrote about both Neon Nemesis, and Coal Rush.

Our students also got a fair response from other developers. Here’s Ubisofts’ Aaron McClay;

And Seal Games’ Christian Haja:

And finally, some photos from the teams themselves on the show floor in San Francisco:

Of course, reading about these games is not the same as playing them! If you want to try our new games out (without having to travel to the US to do so), come meet us at this years Gotland Game Conference in June. There is a Pay What You Want-option to get full access to ~50 entirely new games. It’s also a great opportunity to meet our students and faculty, if you’re interesting in studying game design and development.

Find out more at the Gotland Game Conference website, and get your tickets here!