Penalty of Heroes

Penalty of Heroes is an old school side scrolling hack ’n slash game much like Golden Axe mixed with Secret of Mana. It takes advantage of the power of the Xbox 360 in order to show off a mix between 2D and 3D, using modern shaders and effects.

Penalty of Heroes takes place in the world of Nimo where you control four young warriors, either by yourself in single player mode or with the help from up to three of your friends in co-op mode. Fight your way through ten levels containing hordes of enemies, big bosses and an engaging narrative. You will have unique characters with different magics and weapons, as well as a customizable powerup system to aid you on the journey to find out the price of becoming a hero.

Penalty of Heroes won “Best Exhibition” at the Gotland Game Awards 2009.

Håkan Mattsson, Nicklas Johansson, Andreas Malmberg, Johan Rundkvist, Jens Eggert, Kristofer Berglin, Jakob Tanentsapf, Johan Norberg, Jona Marklund, Tobias Källkvist

Break Of Dawn

Break of Dawn is a four player cooperative game where you play as four unique characters all with their strengths and weaknesses. You as the player is set against a multitude of enemies that will attack you in massive amounts. The only way to win against these massive hordes is to work together as a team to defeat your foes. You will stand and fall together so team work is the key. Every character have a designated basic class and a arsenal of spells fitting for that class.

Markus Pettersson, John Hjelm, Joakim Reimer, Stefan Jakobsson, Fredrik Almén, Daniel Salomonsson, Patrick Martinsson, Tobias Andersen, Joel Halvarsson, Jonas Gustafsson, Hampus Berg, Martin Keblanz, Alexander Winbäck, Leo Larsson

In Other Words

In Other Words, is a game where you play as the librarian Aphra, who explores the world of classic books. The demo level is set in a world based on ‘Don Quixote’. To aid her quest, she got TAD – The Amazing Device.

TAD let’s you combine objects that you find along your way, to create new items and tools. The game is a platform/adventure game made with the True Vision 3D engine.

In Other Words was awarded “Best Presentation” at Gotland Game Awards 2008.

Lead Marcus Ingvarsson
Lead programmer: Johan Norberg
Programmer: Jakob Tanentsapf
Programmer: Sebastian Svensson
Sound ’n Music: Josef Falkensköld
Lead Artist: Tobias Källkvist
Artist: Jonatan Österberg
Artist: Erik Öqvist
Artist: Joar Holmström