Forticore is a competitive arcade game pitting players of 2 different game types against each other.

Forticore at the Gotland Game Awards 2010

Protagonist; As a cute bunny you will leap from platforms, over pits of spikes, through crumbling icecream caves as well as dodging airborne obstacles. Breaking down fortresses level after level. It is a twist on retro platforming games with real time interaction from the enemy side.

Dungeon Master; A unique spin on tower defense gameplay that will appeal to players of all skill levels. Your fortresses are being raided as well as destroyed, and it’s up to you to prevent it by strategically spawning defenses. With a Touch Screen interface allowing for a more hands on interaction and immersive gameplay experience.

Producer: Jonas Lewis
Graphics: Tove Jading, Kakee Lau, Youssef Khatib, Tobias Wahlberg
Programmer: Felix Thålin, Martin Melander, Filip Gärdhagen
Sound: Miras Chowdhury (external)

Caution: Falling People

When you happen to just fall out of a plane together with 3 other persons to a certain death, there is only one thing to do. See who can die last! Use all the stuff you regularly keep in your pockets (like anvils and fishing rods…) to ensure you’re the last one to hit the ground!

Martin Erdes – Lead Designer
Rasmus Löfling – Lead Programmer
André Apelqvist – Lead Graphics
Carolina Lindblom – Producer
Jonas Täng – Programmer
Christoffer Forslund – Programmer
Christopher Hjort – Designer
Juan Carlos Pizarro Torrijos – Graphics
John Friederich – Graphics
Christoffer Akterin – Graphics


Walkabout has been released on iOS!

Walkabout is a puzzling adventure game, where a group of small beings travels through a vast and beautiful world. As the player you do not control the small beings themselves, but rather the entire world. It can at any time be rotated a full 360 degrees, and when it does the physics will kick in and affect various pendulums, balance boards and drawbridges throughout the level. Get ready for some serious twisting.

Come and Walk with us, my friend
In our dream-like toddler trot
Through a world of play pretend
Where some is real and some is not

Walkabout was awarded the "Pwnage"-award at Gotland Game Awards 2009

Walkabout was awarded the “Pwnage”-award at Gotland Game Awards 2009 and was part of our GamesCOM exhibit in Cologne 2009.

Niklas Hallin, Alex Karlsson, Per Lingvall, Alex Lusth, Marcus Petersson, Erika A. Porath