GameRider is a bike simulation game constructed in three weeks by a small group as a side project during a level design class at HGO’s GAME education. The engine used is Valve’s Source Engine and the level was built from scratch in Hammer, the Source Engine’s level editing tool.

In the months since its completion, it’s been on display at the Technical Museum, Stockholm’s Culture House, on Swedish Television, GGA (where it won the best serious game award) and just recently at the Almedal’s Week where it was on display for Sweden’s most important politicians.

GameRider was awarded “Best Serious Game” at Gotland Game Awards 2008.

Håkan Mattsson
Jona Marklund
Rickard Johansson
Don Geyer


Vertigo is an adrenaline pumping platform racing game for up to 4 players. The game is about getting yourself from start to finish as fast as possible, and the trick is to chain powerups. Powerups make you go faster and faster, and you want to grab a new powerup before the effect of the previous one fades.

Vertigo won the “Pwnage Award” (best at show, all categories) at Gotland Game Awards 2008. And the team went on to create their own company called Run Jump Duck Entertainment. It was nominated for “Game of the Year” and “Best XNA game” in the 2009 Swedish Game Awards, and for “Best New Nordic Talent” at the Nordic Game Conference in 2009.

Producer: Max Tiilikainen
Lead Programmer: Daniel Martis
Graphics, Animation: Povel Gulin
Programmer: Olof Ahlberg