Steven M. Ilous, Writer & Director

Steven M. Ilous is a creative wunderkind; games, movies, tv productions, photo, music, commercials, visual effect are all part of his forté. He’s worked for Dreamworks, did special effects for the entire Matrix-trilogy, was a senior animator for The Polar Express and was a part of the team who recently won 2009 MTV Breakthrough Video of the Year. And he’s no stranger: Steven was at the Gotland Game Awards 2009 and handed out the prices for Best Student Animation. 🙂

Steven at GGA09
Steven at GGA09

I’ll shut up and just let his blog, his demo reel, his high-resolution special effects tests and indeed – his music videos – speak for themselves.

Oh – almost forgot to mention; Steven will be having a one week long workshop with our first year students in Computer Graphics & Animation! 😀

Mon 090928 12:30-18:00 B51
Tue 090929 10:00-17:00 E45
Wed 090930 10:00-17:00 E45
Thu 091001 10:00-16:00 E31
Fri 091002 10:00-17:00 E45