The Nude in Western Art – A History of Discrimination?

It’s time for lecture seven in Human Rights and Diversity in Serious Game.

Svenrobert Lundqvist is a well known artist, print maker, sculptor and painter. He studied at Valands School of Arts in Gothenburg, and was the dean of the school from 1984-87. Svenrobert has been very active: he’s written several books, taught stone sculpting, was in charge of G√∂teborgs Konsthall, he founded Grafiknytt and worked as editor for the magazine, he was chairman of NUNSKU (National commitee of the Exhibitions of Contemporary Art Abroad).

Lundqvist is coming here to do a lecture on “The nude; the female body through the eyes of male and female artists, from the time before christ until today.” Is there a difference how we look at the body concerning which sex is looking?

Time: Friday, September 30 13.00-15.00
Location: HGO, lecture hall E31