Abzolium is an intense skill-based multiplayer arena game for the Xbox 360. Instead of choosing between a numbers of already made characters, you have the opportunity to customize their abilities to your liking. The variations of each new match will lead to loads of different unique combinations and will also result in tactical choices for each round. Enter the tournament of Abzolium and eliminate your opponents to be the ultimate champion!
Abzolium on the Gotland Game Awards 2009 showfloor

Abzolium was awarded “Best XNA Game”, “Best Exhibition”, “Peoples Choice” and “Best Big Game Project – Second Year” at the Gotland Game Awards 2010.
Abzolium team at the Gotland Game Awards 2009

Producers: Vira Haglund, Joakim Edholm
Lead game designer: Joakim Edholm
Game designers: Joakim Edholm, Vira Haglund, Joakim Österlund Andersson
Lead art: Vira Haglund
Lead programmer: Elon Mallin
2D Graphic artists: Vira Haglund, Sara Pauni
3D Graphic artists: David Klint, Malin Mellgren
Programmers: Joakim Östlund Andersson, Pelle Boström, Syawash “Sayo” Sharafadin

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