Polygon plays Yo! Bartender

screenshot from polygon.com
Think you can actually bartend? This game simulates just how hard it is

Yo Bartender! uses Wiimotes and real bottles to simulate making drinks in a hurry

Dante Douglas over at Polygon met one of our student teams at the Game Developers Conference, and wrote a little piece about Yo! Bartender.

[…] The bottles arrayed around the play area are slightly weighted and use six Wiimotes (one inside each bottle) to register when they are turned upside down over the drink cup, adorned with lights picked up by the internal light sensors in the Wiimote. Hold a bottle upside down over the cup, and it “pours,” showing how much poured on the display. The system is simple but effective, making each “mixing” process into a game of trying to remember where you set down the rum bottle, or which button drops ice into the cup. […]

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