Game of the Year!

The 2010 edition of the Swedish Game Awards is over. The winners were announced at the Grande Finale on the 12th of June, and the prestigious Game of the Year went to GAME students!

Dwarfs is a third year project, an arcade strategy game for PC and Xbox360 putting you in charge of helping a computer controlled tribe of Dwarfs to excavate randomly generated mountains. You must help them gather juicy minerals and valuable gold, all the while protecting your Town Hall from harm. The SGA Jury motivation read: “Charming graphics, well thought out and fun. An overall solution that really works with an excellent tutorial that introduces a fun, tactic and strategic gameplay.” .

GAME has never had a big presence at SGA, largely due to scheduling conflicts. Our students are smack in the middle of production when SGA requests final submissions. But every now and again student teams have an early playable ready in time and enters the national competition. Thus Dwarfs can proudly join Promqueen (2005), Sumo (2006) and Vertigo (2009) in the list of GAME productions recognized at the Swedish Game Awards thus far.

Well done everyone!

PS. It might be worth noting that the Game of the Year-award came hot on the heels of the team’s well deserved Pwnage Award at Gotland Game Awards less than a week ago. 🙂