Ernest Adams kicks off 2009

Ernest is here for two days, to kick off 2009 with lectures and workshops. These photos are from the mini-workshop on Fundamental Principles of Game Design that Adams had with our first year students. After a lecture on the subject the groups have one hour to create the primary gameplay mode of a new game, and present it to the class.

The intensity of the mini-workshop really brings out the creative juices ((… rapid is a state of mind, article on rapid prototyping from The Experimental Gameplay project)), and Adams leading the discussion around the presentations at the end of the day provides our junior developers with insights on a biblical scale. 🙂

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Alumni Days Christmas Party 2008

Xmas is coming (even here on Gotland) so we felt it’d be nice to combine the Alumni Day with a proper party! The festivities were held in our new offices and motion capture studio in Björkanderska. With student games on display and a little help from DJ Mr Miyagi, some friends from the industry and our students (present and former) we wrecked that place six ways from sunday! 🙂

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Industry invites:
John G. Locke – VFX and Post Production Supervisor – PIXAR – Mystic Effects
John Klepper – Managing Director – Northern Light Studios
Martin Ekdal – CEO – Donya Labs
Steven Hammans – Producer – Burning Man Studios
Emma Mellander – Project Coordinator – Nordicgame
AimĂ©e Kreuger – President – Sverok

GAME Alumni:
Anders “Saint” Ekermo – Programmer at Starbreeze Studios
Mats Andersson – Producer/ Game Design at Avalanche Studios
Heidi Nikunen – Associate Producer at Avalanche Studios
Andreas Wieslander – Production Manager at Burning Man Studios
Annika Fogelgren – Founder and production manager at Cherrytech Studios