Chubby Chase Race

Chubby Chase Race is a four player racing game with an exciting physical interface; all players steer and control their velocity directly with a large trackball.

Chubby Chase Race at the Gotland Game Awards 2009

Awards: Chubby Chase Race was awarded “Public Choice” and “Best Arcade Game” at Gotland Game Awards 2009.


  • Gustaf Stark
  • Daniel Erikssson
  • Markus Mattfolk Stenberg
  • Mattias Niiranen
  • Nehmo Tapio
  • Esteban Soto
  • Gabriel Sammens
  • Otto Westerlundh


Archaic is an active and intensive game where up to four players in spheric avatars meet head to head in a “King of the Hill” game. The goal is to push the other players over the edge and steal their points while each player’s reactions and timing concurrently is tested.”

Archaic was awarded “Peoples Choice – Most Helpful Group” and the “Jade Award” at the Gotland Game Awards 2009.

Archaic was awarded "Peoples Choice - Most Helpful Group" and the "Jade Award" at the Gotland Game Awards 2009

Team: Joakim Edholm, Phillippe Bolay, Sara Pauni, Lars Johansson, Ted Wikman, Fredrik Larsson, Kristoffer Printz


Freefall is a first-person sky surfing simulator – an arcade machine giving anyone a chance to try sky surfing. The entire game is 3D in a firstperson view, to give the player a feeling that she actually is falling, and give her the adrenalin rush that a real sky surfer gets. The adrenalin is key, so grab the board and throw yourself out in the air and stunt like never before.

Jakob Hillerström, Niklas Borglund, Jhonny Wretlind, Johanna Sandhammar, Johan Karlsson, Casper Henriksson, Petter Gillman