Walkabout has been released on iOS!

Walkabout is a puzzling adventure game, where a group of small beings travels through a vast and beautiful world. As the player you do not control the small beings themselves, but rather the entire world. It can at any time be rotated a full 360 degrees, and when it does the physics will kick in and affect various pendulums, balance boards and drawbridges throughout the level. Get ready for some serious twisting.

Come and Walk with us, my friend
In our dream-like toddler trot
Through a world of play pretend
Where some is real and some is not

Walkabout was awarded the “Pwnage”-award at Gotland Game Awards 2009 and was part of our GamesCOM exhibit in Cologne 2009.

Niklas Hallin, Alex Karlsson, Per Lingvall, Alex Lusth, Marcus Petersson, Erika A. Porath