GDC Vault and Safari Books Online

An early Christmas present to our students:  Uppsala University Library has just helped us extend the GDC Vault subscription throughout 2019, and vastly expand our access to Safari Tech Books Online.

Safari Book previously held only our 100 most used course books and references, and supported a measly 5 simultaneous users – which made it practically useless as a replacement for expensive course literature when an entire class needed it at the same time. From 2019 the database will be merged into the New O’Reilly Safari Collection, with access to 40 000+ books, and unlimited simultaneous users!

GDC Vault lets you stream from the ~12000 presentations that the Game Developers Conference has uploaded so far.

You can access both from the university library database page, and they both require password A for access.

Games for Youth Health (student presentations at Region Gotland)

Today the students in our course “Product Development for Games” had a public presentation of the work they have done in cooperation with Child-and student health at Region Gotland.

Nyttiga spel utvecklas av Campus Gotland - P4 Gotland

Nyttiga spel utvecklas av Campus Gotland – P4 Gotland

Ofta uppmärksammas de negativa effekterna av spelande exempelvis stillasittande och konflikter om skärmtid. Men nu har studenter tagit fram spelförslag …

Spel ska hjälpa barn och unga som mår dåligt

Spel ska hjälpa barn och unga som mår dåligt

Nu har speldesignstudenter från Campus Gotland försökt hitta svaret på om spel kan hjälpa barn och unga som mår dåligt.

The students have worked with external organisations and individual citizens to develop four game designs that could contribute to the health and wellbeing of children and young people living on Gotland. The assignment and event were put together within the umbrella or our partnership with Region Gotland

Universitetsstudenter presenterade spel för barn och ungas hälsa och välmående - Region Gotland

Universitetsstudenter presenterade spel för barn och ungas hälsa och välmående – Region Gotland

Under gårdagen presenterade studenter från kursen ”Produktutveckling för spel” de arbeten de har gjort i samverkan med barn- och elevhälsan vid Region Gotland. Samarbetet har gjorts under partnerskapets vingar, det partnerskap som finns mellan Uppsala Universitet Campus Gotland och Region Gotland.

alt.ctrl.GDC 2019

The 2019 Game Developers Conference is just months away, and today the organizers announced the 20 games that were selected to exhibit at alt.ctrl.GDC, the on-site showcase of alternative control schemes and interactions in games.

Like last year we managed to earn three of those coveted spots on the San Francisco show floor – well played and congratulations to Coal Rush, Neon Nemesis and ReLeap!

Alumni Days 2018

Update 2018-12-21: the Alumni Day talks have been published. Enjoy!

The Alumni Days are back again! The 14-15th of December we’ll have guest lectures, portfolio reviews, coder job interviews, mentor speed dating and a party!
Alumni Days 2018 Schedule


  • Daniel Gustafsson (MAG Interactive)
    • “From school to industry – real world advice from us at MAG”
  • Eva Sokolova (Valiant Game Studio):
    • It’s not cheating if you call it a workflow
      A game artist’s thoughts and tips after a year in the indie space and why having the skills to create appealing art is only one of the artistic challenges in shipping an indie title.
  • Martin Greip (Eat Create Sleep):
    • Studio Startup Survival Kit
      The rosy days of the golden indie age are gone. Do you want to start a new studio but feel lost and think “where do we go from here?”. In this talk Martin will talk about their journey at Eat Create Sleep since they started their company in 2014 and give you some insight in how you could survive as a startup. Mileage may vary.
  • Peter Stråhle (Might & Delight)
    • The Developer Ethos of Might & Delight
  • Simon Wulf (Starbreeze)
    • Character Customization IRL
      A web programmer turned game developer shares his list of some of the best skills you won’t find in the curriculum.
  • Emelie Rodin (BetterBuilt Studio)
    • An indies Survival kit – or – How I learned to double down and love the niche
      Ever wondered about the glorious life of a indie developer? Let us talk what it takes to survive out there, with the deluge of games growing by the minute? How do you stand out and what do you need to make it?
  • Science Park Gotland
    • What is there to learn from the startup world?
      The choice is before you to dare to team up and build your own venture in the gaming industry or spend half your life working for the “man”. We will share three key learnings from those that have tried, make clear the support, funding and connections that actually exist here on Gotland as well make sure we have answered or confirmed any questions or thoughts you have in the space.
  • Lisa Swanström, Star Stable
    • Artist’s Journey to the Games Industry


    • All lectures are in E22 and open to the public.
    • The party and alumni Mentor Speed Dating requires registration*
    • Portfolio Reviews requires registration (and some preparation)*
    • To apply for a coder interview, you’ll have to submit a work sample to MAG Interactive*
    • * check your student email for the links and MAG information