Victorious Skies (2010)

Victorious Skies is a competitive real-time strategy game all about aerial fleets clashing in air-borne naval combat. Two players will assume the role of an admiral leading his fleet into combat. Great fleets consisting of multiple ships of all kinds of classes, each providing their own utility to your squadrons delivers a detailed strategic experience.

Producer: Thomas Appelberg
Graphics: Rickard Folland, Jonatan Hagström, Marcus Larsson, Nicolas Lindbäck
Programmer: Mikael Gullberg, Thomas Appelberg
Sound: Marcus Larsson, Thomas Appelberg


Dash is a multiplayer game where players compete in a arena type sport. The goal in each match is to score a set number of points, or get the highest score before the match time runs out. The arenas in Dash is not only inhabited by players, but arena robots as well, and they’ll defend the gameball from the players.

Producer: Lukas Hägg
Graphics: Lukas Hägg, Viktor Ledäng
Programmer: Rudy Castan (external)
Sound: Johan Skoglund (external)


Avarice is a 4 player horror game where you fight each other over an antidote that will save your life. The game is played out in a fictive ghost town, inspired by the old English countryside.

All the characters have been poisoned. In order to survive, you need to find the ingredients and mix an antidote. But there’s one problem, there’s only enough antidote components to cure one of you. As the poison starts to corrupt your mind, you determine that you have to gather these components for yourself if you are to survive – taking them from the dead hands of your opponents, if that should be necessary.


  • Producer / Programmer: Niklas Borglund
  • Lead Programmer: Jakob Hillerström
  • Programmer: Casper Henriksson
  • Lead Design / Graphical Artist: Petter Gillman
  • Lead Graphical Artist: Johnny Wretlind
  • Sound from Gotland School of Music Composition:
    • Pontus Granström, Joakim Jalhed, Sol Andersso, Mathias Lissmyr


Penalty of Heroes

Penalty of Heroes is an old school side scrolling hack ’n slash game much like Golden Axe mixed with Secret of Mana. It takes advantage of the power of the Xbox 360 in order to show off a mix between 2D and 3D, using modern shaders and effects.

Penalty of Heroes takes place in the world of Nimo where you control four young warriors, either by yourself in single player mode or with the help from up to three of your friends in co-op mode. Fight your way through ten levels containing hordes of enemies, big bosses and an engaging narrative. You will have unique characters with different magics and weapons, as well as a customizable powerup system to aid you on the journey to find out the price of becoming a hero.

Penalty of Heroes won “Best Exhibition” at the Gotland Game Awards 2009.

Håkan Mattsson, Nicklas Johansson, Andreas Malmberg, Johan Rundkvist, Jens Eggert, Kristofer Berglin, Jakob Tanentsapf, Johan Norberg, Jona Marklund, Tobias Källkvist