Introduction to game development (2008)

Introduction to game development is a course in production methodology taken by all GAME-students in their first semester. That’s 85 freshly green artists and programmers, all producing a game within a few weeks. Since 2006 we’re utilizing SCRUM and using Torque Game Builder for quick production, and fence students into the space shooter genre to avoid spending too much time on R&D. Despite these severe limitation (or perhaps, thanks to?) the students consistently manage to surprise us with their creative exploration of the problem space.

GAME på Tekniska Museet

Dataspelens framtid – En utställning för alla som är nyfikna på hur man blir speldesigner.

Framtidens spel kräver nya idéer, nya röster och nya speldesigners. Det saknas kvinnor och det saknas mångfald. På internationella kvinnodagen den 8 mars inbjuder Högskolan på Gotland dig till vernissage på TEKNISKA MUSEET.

Spelutveckling vid Högskolan på Gotland vill visa vad morgondagens speldesigners gör redan idag och hur du som vill studera speldesign kan vara en del av utvecklingen. Kom till vernissagen lördagen den 8 mars och testa helt nya spel som har gjorts av våra studenter. Studenterna och deras lärare kommer att vara på plats för att svara på frågor om spelen.

Läs som PDF.

Besök tekniska museets sida om GAME.

Streamline Studios Visit

Streamline Studios Since its founding in 2001, Streamline Studios has become a leading content creator in the video game industry, providing service solutions for high-profile partners and franchises including Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3 from Epic Games, THQ’s Saints Row, James Bond 007: NightFire from Electronic Arts, and Red Storm Entertainment’s Ghost Recon 2. The studio also offers full-service music and sound services for games and other entertainment projects with Streamline Sound.

In short: these guys specialize in producing in-game content for true Triple-A titles. And they’re coming here to talk internships. 🙂

We’re breaking this into two parts: during the first day you guys will present your projects and graphics work, to get feedback directly from Streamline. The second day will be theirs to introduce themselves, talk about the business and a Q&A-session.

Agenda Outline:

Time: Thursday, February 7, 14:00 – 17:00
What: GAME Student Presentations / Feedback from Streamline Studios
Location: HGO, E22

Time: Friday, February 8, 11:00 – 14:00
What: Streamline Studios Presentation and Q&A session
Location: HGO, E22

Time: Friday, February 8, “evening”
What: Internship students host David and Alex out to dinner and Rindi etc. 🙂
Location: Visby.