Anthill Aces

Anthill Aces is a Multiplayer Air-Racing-Game. You play ants that ride on other insects and race for glory in what we would call the “ordinary” world, but from an ants perspective gets a lot different.

Ride your insects to places you never thought existed (in a simple kitchen) and experience a world where the ants rule dominant.

Jens Östberg – Producer
Fredrik (Fedde) Mattsson – AD / character designer
Gustaf Hjort af Ornäs – Lead Game Design
Johan Stenberg – Lead 3D Artist
Fredrik ?? Lundberg – Lead programmer

Y?? Sh?? – Graphical Artist
Malin Ahnell – Graphical Artist
Andrei Alexi – Graphical Artist
Mattias Engström – 3D Artist
Robert Farmer – 3D Artist
Stefan Norén – 3D Artist


Arvet, 2005
Arvet is a very accessible strategic board game, produced by first year students in 2005.

Annika Öman
Krister Cederlund
Kristian Söderholm
Mattias Görl
Robert Sahlstedt


Crestfallen is an action adventure game, playable in both first- and third person perspective.

Crestfallen (2004) ingame sceenshot
Crestfallen (2004) ingame sceenshot

A distant future consists of small camps of human inhabitants, having no contact with each other and not really knowing anything about what happened. You need to get home. But, where did you actually come from? The more you search for your origin, the more you reveal about this place you’ve come to. What is the real relation with your village and the world?
Crestfallen (2004) ingame sceenshot
Crestfallen (2004) ingame sceenshot

Crestfallen project description
Crestfallen project description

Crestfallen participated in the KTH Game Awards 2004.

Anders “Saint” Ekermo, programming
Fredrik Johansson, programming
Andreas “Vivaldi” Waldetoft, composing
Fredrik Seehuusen, graphics
Theodor “Täddä” Berg, level design