Invasion Gotland

The summer 1977. A Russian submarine runs aground close by the Swedish naval harbour Karlskrona. The situation is interpreted as sharp by the Swedish naval forces and the submarine is sunk. CCCP immediately responds by launching extensive transferring of forces to their Baltic seacoast. Sweden mobilizes. Three days after the sinking of U-111, CCCP launches their invasion of Gotland. NATO threatens to use “all means at hand” against the Warsaw pact if CCCP goes further west or over another states national border. The response is immediate; “CCCP is answering on an act of war from a hostile state and have no other intention than to defend itself and will continue its defence with all means available if any additional actor will interfere”. A frail but stable balance of terror is reached between the Warsaw pact and NATO: CCCP will not go further than Gotland and NATO will not interfere. Sweden stands alone against the giant from the east.

Gotland and the troops which fast mobilize on the island, locally and embarked from the rest of Sweden stands before a strong enemy. Will the Swedish people endure or will they be conquered by the formidable war machine of the Soviet Union?

Public Playtesting

“On the evening of December 11, it was premiere for the public to test the game in the old ICA warehouse in Visby harbor. Several professional soldiers from Gotland’s regiment P18 participated… The level that most people were curious about, both amateurs and professionals, was “Twilight in Slite”.” 2004-12-12


3D Artists (and minor scripting): Anton Adamse , Jonathan Öberg, Daniel Schönherr, Peter Standarv, Tim Selberg, Martin Lanner
Producers: Alex C Erics , Jens Östberg
Coder/Scripter: Johan Grankvist


The student team also produced a few video advertisements. Two of which were saved by the Internet Archive:

Bishops Pawn

Bishops Pawn is a mystery adventure/RPG taking place during the twenties, in a city named Port Bishop. Henry Warden has just traveled from England to attend the funeral of an old friend. At the arrival, Warden meets Charlotte Harper,the daughter of the departed. Harper being a reporter usher around Warden in the city while trying to capture the scoop of a recent murder. While roaming the city, our two heroes gets caught up in more than they bargain for 

Bishops Pawn is a point & click murder mystery, created by second year students in 2004.
Gustaf Hiort af Ornäs, Design/Programmering
Johan Stenberg, Graphics
Karin Ryding, Programming
Mikael Hedberg, Design/Ljud&Musik

Utställningen där man ska röra föremålen

Utställningen där man ska röra föremålen (download audio)

This post is backdated and was published 2018-02-17. It is an early interview (in Swedish, sorry) with then-prefect Tord Berglund, about a student exhibit at the Department of technology, art and new media (as we known at the time). Public exhibition- and play testing of student games have always been a big part of the game educations on Gotland, and what Tord describes in this interview is very much a proto-Gotland Game Awards, just before we properly established the format of the educations and the event.

Utställningen där man ska röra föremålen
Publicerat fredag 4 juni 2004 kl 15.30

För ett år sedan var studenterna kritiska mot högskolans spelutbildning och startade upprop mot den kvaliteten – idag är det andra tongångar. Och nu visas deras vårutställning. Eter har besökt den.

Download Audio