GGC 2019 was glorious!

Ernest Adams opens the Award Ceremony on the last night of the event.

The 2019 Gotland Game Conference was a great success. We managed to pull in a record-breaking 983 attendees to play test the student games and participate in a discussion on how to have a stable career in an industry which doesn’t seem to offer one.

983 registered ticket holders, up from 804 last year.

Nearly 40 experts volunteered to work on the jury – traveling to Visby for three days of intense play testing and mentoring. They play, the give feedback and they spend an inordinate amount of time every evening debating what they have experienced, before they’re able to narrow down the final award line-up.

The award winners 2019:

For the full award descriptions, see The Awards. See the conference page for the full list of nominees.


The full set of event photos are available in the Facebook gallery!