The Educators Summit 2019

The 2019 Educators Summit ended last week, and saw 32 participants from 14 institutions travel to Visby to share their experiences with each other.

For soon-to-be three years, the Educators Summit has created a space to discuss the work and subjects that we collectively fly under the banner of game education. We have looked at teaching, research, outreach to industry and how to form a closer bond with each other.

It has been instrumental in the forming of a European wing of the Higher Education Video Games Alliance, and the formation of a HEVGA Research Summer School.

GGC 2019 was glorious!

Ernest Adams opens the Award Ceremony on the last night of the event.

The 2019 Gotland Game Conference was a great success. We managed to pull in a record-breaking 983 attendees to play test the student games and participate in a discussion on how to have a stable career in an industry which doesn’t seem to offer one.

983 registered ticket holders, up from 804 last year.

Nearly 40 experts volunteered to work on the jury – traveling to Visby for three days of intense play testing and mentoring. They play, the give feedback and they spend an inordinate amount of time every evening debating what they have experienced, before they’re able to narrow down the final award line-up.

The award winners 2019:

For the full award descriptions, see The Awards. See the conference page for the full list of nominees.


The full set of event photos are available in the Facebook gallery!

Symbio wins at BitSummit, Kyoto

Symbio – last years’ Jury Spotlight– and Almedalen Library Award winner – just returned from BitSummit in Kyoto, where they took home the “Innovative Outlaw Award!

Congrats to the team, and well played!

The Innovative Outlaw Award for Symbio, at BitSummit, Kyoto

Symbio is a first-year arcade game developed by Jesper Bergman, Hangning Zhang, Kaijun Wang, Kristina Stiskaite, Alexander Sinn, Merve Metinkol for the Gotland Game Conference 2018.

Curious about what else GAME students have won? Check out the award database! It lists all awards won by students from the Department of Game Design – international, national and regional. Alumni of the Year is listed separately (as is the alumni statistics – if you want to check out what type of jobs our students end up in).